Planning Commission
Agendas and Minutes

Board Meetings are the second Thursday and Planning Commission Meetings are the second Tuesday of each month. Both meetings are held at 7PM @ Milan Township Hall, 16444 Cone Rd.

Planning Commission Meetings

Planning Commission meetings are the second Tuesday of the month at 7PM @ Milan Township Hall, 16444 Cone Rd.

DateAgendaMinutesVideo ReplayAudio FileReports
Dec. 10th     
Nov. 6th     
Oct. 8th     
Sept. 10     
Aug. 13th     
July 9th     
June 11thAgenda Watch  
May 14thAgendaMinutesWatch  
April 9thAgendaMinutesWatch  
March 12thAgendaMinutesWatch PC Proposed Budget
Feb. 13thAgendaMinutesWatch  
Jan 9thAgendaMinutesWatch Reports
DateAgendaMinutesVideo ReplayAudio FileReports
Dec. 12thAgendaDRAFT Minutes   
Nov. 14thAgenda    
Oct 10thAgendaDRAFT MinutesWatch  
Sept. 5thAgendaDRAFT MinutesWatch  
Aug. 8thAgendaDRAFT MinutesWatch  
July 11thAgendaDRAFT MinutesWatch  
June 13thAgendaDRAFT MinutesWatch  
June 6th Public HearingAgendaDRAFT MinutesWatch  
May 9thAgendaDRAFT MinutesWatch  
April 11thAgenda Watch  
March 14thAgendaDRAFT MinutesWatch  
Feb 7thAgendaDRAFT MinutesWatch  
Jan. 10thAgendaDRAFT MinutesWatch  
DateAgendaMinutesVideo ReplayAudio FileReports
2021 Year End Review    Year End Review
Dec. 14thAgendaMinutes Watch  
Nov. 9thMeeting Cancelled    
Oct. 12thAgendaMinutesWatch  
Sept. 14thAgendaMinutes   
Sept. 8th     
Aug. 10thAgendaMinutes   
Aug. 24thAgendaMinutesWatch  
June 8th AgendaMinutesWatch  
May 11thAgendaMinutesWatch  
April 13thAgendaMinutesWatch  
March 9thAgendaMinutesWatch  
Jan. 12thAgendaMinutesWatch  
DateAgendaMinutesVideo ReplayAudio FileReports
2020 Year Review     Year End Review
Nov. 17 2020AgendaMinutes Download 
Sept. 8th 2020AgendaMinutes   
Aug 11th 2020AgendaMinutes   
July 8th 2020AgendaMinutes Download 
June 2nd 2020AgendaMinutes Download 
March 3rd 2020AgendaMinutes   

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