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FAQ At the Township

How can I confirm the payment was received?

If paying by personal check, please check with your bank first to confirm that the check has been cashed. If you escrow your taxes, please check with your mortgage or escrow company. As the taxpayer, you’re liable for the tax payment.

If I send my tax payment by mail, how will I receive a receipt?

If you enclose a self-addressed-stamped envelope with your payment, we will mail you back a receipt. Otherwise, please use your canceled check as a receipt.

What if I did not receive a tax bill - am I still liable for the tax?

Yes. If the tax bill is returned due to a bad address or name, as the property owner you are still liable for the tax. Not receiving a tax bill, does not alleviate the tax burden. If you have not received a tax bill or have received late bills, you should check with our assessor to confirm that they have the correct owner name and address for billing purposes.

How many tax bills will I receive each year?

You will receive two (2) bills each calendar year: a summer tax bill and a winter tax bill.

When are taxes due?

Summer tax bills are mailed July 1st and are due without interest or penalties by September 14. Winter tax bills are mailed December 1 and are due without interest or penalty by February 15.
NOTE: All real property tax bills that are still unpaid at the end of February are turned over to the County Treasurer for collection on March 1st each year.

Is there a "grace" period for late payments?

No. State tax law does not allow “grace” periods. For summer taxes a 1% penalty is added to all unpaid tax bills on September 14th, at which time interest begins to accrue at the rate of 1% per month. For the winter tax billing, the Township waives the penatly after February 15, however, we require payment made by Cashier’s Check or Money Order after the due date. Please contact our office for the current amount due if you are paying your taxes after September 14th for summer property taxes.

Do you accept Postmarks?


Do you accept partial payments?


I did not receive my tax bill, how can I get a copy?

Call us at 734-637-4478 and we’ll mail you a duplicate tax bill. You can also stop into the Township during regular business hours and we will print a copy out for you.

Who do I contact to change or correct the mailing address on my property tax bill?

Contact the Assessor’s Office at 734-637-4478

How can I get a mortgage company’s address removed from or added to my tax billing information?

If you have an escrow account with a lender, mortgage company or tax collection agency, the escrow agent annually provides us with a request to provide them with a copy of your property tax bill so that they can pay the taxes from your escrow account. If you would like one removed please contact us by phone or email stating you no longer carry an escrow and would like the mortgage code removed. This will assure you will receive your tax information instead of the mortgage company.

My mortgage company receives and pays my tax bill. Can you mail an original bill to a second address?

Per your request. Please let us know by contacting us with the information.

FAQ's on Delinquent Property at the County

What is Public Act 123?

Public Act 123 of 1999 shortens the amount of time property owners have to pay their delinquent taxes before losing their property. Property owners with taxes that are three years delinquent will be foreclosed and the property will be sold at public auction. 
With this new act, the amount of time to pay taxes has been reduced from approximately five years to approximately three years. Property owners who have multiple tax years owing will have to pay several years to avoid losing their property.

Property owners face higher interest and fees for not paying their taxes. Taxes that are more than one year old will have a substantially higher interest rate (1.5% per month, as opposed to the current 1%).  After one year, taxes will also have a $175.00 forfeiture fee and additional administrative fees added to them.

If I don't pay my taxes, will I really lose my house and property?

YES. Property owners who had delinquent taxes under the old law could also lose their property, but they had more time to pay and more “second chances”. Under the new law, if your taxes are delinquent for two years, that’s it. You’ve lost the property.

What is a delinquent tax?

A delinquent tax is a tax that has been forwarded to the Monroe County Treasurer for collection on March 1 of the year after it was due. 

What happens after the property is forwarded to the Monroe County Treasurer for collection?

The county treasurer adds a 4% administration fee and interest of 1% per month.  After one year, the property is forfeited to the Monroe County Treasurer. 

What does it mean for my property to be in forfeiture? Does that mean I lose my property?

NO.  Forfeiture is not foreclosure.  If your property is in forfeiture, you still have a year before it will be foreclosed.  However, the interest and fees will be higher.  When a property is forfeited, the interest rate goes from 1% per month to 1.5% per month, back to the date the taxes became delinquent.  A 175.00 fee is also added.

What happens after my property is in forfeiture?

After property has been in forfeiture for one year, it will be foreclosed.  

What happens after my property is foreclosed? How do I get it back?

You CANNOT get your property back after it has been foreclosed.  FORECLOSURE IS FINAL. Property that has been foreclosed will be SOLD at public auction. 

What if I owe prior years taxes?

If you owe prior years taxes, you may be in immediate danger of losing your property.  Contact The Monroe County Treasurer’s office at (734) 240-7365.

What if I can't come up with all the money right now?

Even if you can’t pay your taxes all at once, you can still make partial payments.  Make your check payable to the Monroe County Treasurer.  To ensure your payment is applied to your parcel, please write your parcel number on your check or money order.  The mailing address is: 51 South Macomb Street, Monroe, Michigan 48161-2168.  If you can’t pay all of your taxes before foreclosure, contact the Department of Human Services at (734) 243-7200 for possible financial assistance.

Will I receive any notification before my property is foreclosed?

notification will be made by personal service.  In addition to these notifications, names and addresses of delinquent property owners may be published in a newspaper of general circulation within your community.

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