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All Zoom meetings use the same Meeting number and password.
Meeting ID# 578-352-6304
Password: 299003

Documents relating to the June 6th public hearing.

Board Meeting Minutes

The second Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Meetings are held at Milan Township Hall, 16444 Cone Rd. Milan, MI. 48160

Contact Information

16444 Cone Road Milan, Michigan 48160
Fax 734 439-4110

Mark Bogi

Mark Bogi

Amanda Taepke

Deputy Supervisor
Email: dsupervisor@milantownship.org
Phone: 734-799-7841

Joel Gotts

Joel Gotts

Email: treasurer@milantownship.org
Phone: 734-637-4478

Renee Humes

Renee Humes

Deputy Treasurer
Email: dtreasurer@milantownship.org
Phone: 734-717-8433

Stephanie Kozar

Email: clerk@milantownship.org
Phone: 734-368-8739
Office Hours: Tuesdays are 9-12pm
Wednesday: 12-3pm

Jenna Payne

Deputy Clerk
Email: dclerk@milantownship.org
Phone: 734-945-8376
Office Hours: Wed. 1-4pm

John Schauer

John F. Schauer

Planning Commission Chair
Email: pcchair@milantownship.org
Phone: 734-344-1203

olga mancik

Olga Mancik

Email: mancik@milantownship.org
Phone:  734-439-7534

Nick Straub

Nick Straub

Email: straub@milantownship.org

Pat Porter

Pat Porter

Planning Commission Member
Email: porter@milantownship.org


Cheryl Majors

Cheryl Majors

Planning Commission Member
Email: majors@milantownship.org


Matt Wallene

Matt Walline

Planning Commission Member
Email: walline@milantownship.org


​Karen Lieb

Email: assessor@milantownship.org
Phone: 734-347-2238
Office Hours: Monday 1-4PM

Robert Grostic

Robert Grostick

Building Inspector/Zoning Administrator
Email: buildinginspector@milantownship.org

Tim Duby

Code Enforcer, Blight officer
Email: enforcement@milantownship.org
Phone: 734-735-8474

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June 2023

Upcoming Events

Public Notice

ALL meetings will be held at Milan Township Hall – 16444 Cone Rd.

Public Notices


P/C Public Hearing June 6, 2023 

  Contact Clerk Kozar
Office Hours:
Tuesdays 9-12pm Wednesday: 1-3pm

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